Set out with LifeProof FRE and live with no limits. Waterproof and drop proof, FRE has the guts to go into the thick of it and come out unscathed. Featuring a built-in screen protector, FRE shields your phone from Mother Nature’s worst. From surfing getaways to Bali to downhill shred sessions in Lake Tahoe and crushing concrete at Vans skatepark, no environment is too extreme for LifeProof FRE. Armed with a subtle screen cover, FRE keeps all the elements off your display for peak pixel protection. Crafted for a form fit, FRE follows the clean lines and adds only a hint of extra weight. All of the features and functions that you love stay accessible inside FRE — from the facial recognition system to the powerful cameras. When you wrap with FRE, new adventures become available. FRE's four-proof protection frees you to find excitement in the most challenging environments — and bring back proof of your exploits.