Has LifeProof lost its reliability?

Posted by JT on 7th Dec 2016

In recent months, we have heard people express their opinion that the there are several problems with LifeProof’s Case for iPhone 6/6s. Today we are going to present these arguments and identify whether it is viable for iPhone 7 users to purchase the LifeProof Case. Firstly, the main issue with the iPhone 6 case is that customers are experiencing muffled sounds when using their iPhone. Some have described the experience as going through a tunnel where there is no signal or having an echoed voice with waves sounds apparent in the background. Consequently, some customers have blamed the inadequate waterproofing as the root cause of these muffled sounds. Dropping their phones into the water is believed to be the cause of the stifling sounds experiences. The second issue with LifeProof’s iPhone 6 case is the charger does not fit into the socket. However extensive research has been undertaken and has concluded that these complaints are generally made by customers using third brand product.


Despite this, this cannot be compared to iPhone 7’s LifeProof Case. There is great assurance that the iPhone 7 LifeProof Case does not exhibit such flaws. With the growing importance of technological innovations and R&D, LifeProof has continually developed its products to better satisfy customer needs and improved its reliability and format. There are two distinctive cases available. The first are Fre Cases, and this is the standard case which includes a screen protector, anti-glare and glass camera lens and exceptional sound clarity. The second are the Nuud cases, which have screenless technology but still have the waterproof function. Subsequently, it gives iPhone 7 users reassurance that LifeProof Case is the most suitable and viable option for them if they are looking for a Water proof, snow proof, dirt proof, shock proof and scratch proof and stylish mobile phone.

For customers still considering whether or not to purchase LifeProof cases for their iPhone 6, it is important to consider this. The innovations and incremental improvements made by LifeProof in its products have enhanced the reliability and dependability of its iPhone 6 cases. Thus, making it a viable option to purchase this product if you seek to owe a well-balanced phone with adequate features and high-level of reliability. Overall, without a doubt LifeProof is a trendy, stylish and also a reliable phone case for iPhone 7 and also iPhone 6 users.