LifeProof NUUD Case iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3

Posted by Marcel Key on 30th Oct 2015

NUUD waterproof iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3 case is freedom. The freedom to dive deep. Ride hard. Climb high. All while staying connected with your applications, your camera and your music. Wherever the experience takes you, take your tablet.


Featuring screenless design, thinnest, light and extreme all-protective case, sleek profile takes after iPad precision lines, dynamic speaker ports deliver maximum sound output and clarity, ideal assurance, toughness and style, and bring 4-proof protection (waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof) was such a variety of LifeProof gives.

People said that this case is very durable and comes with carrying strap. You can save in a variety of places that you want. Then again, this case make the speakers sound better. Especially if you are an audio professional, you must have this case. Since the bass is supported, just like the sound when all is said in done.

It acts like a speaker cabinet. You can really feel the case's back vibrate from the sound. It transforms the tinny sounding speakers of iPad small into great sounding and louder speakers. That is in addition to the great protection added to the iPad. And it looks cool to boot, and is much easier to hold.

For some people, there is a strong need for a case that not only covers the iPad from small accidents, but also protects from far more severe damage like dropping it, to even protection from the natural world. If your iPad needs full protection, the LifeProof case should be high on your consideration list.

You won't be disappointed with this case. If it doesn't work for you, then you are doing something wrong. If you find something to complain about, it's just you being overly picky. This is the perfect case, and it allowed you to maximize the value of your iPad purchase.

Thin, slim, and amazing. Protect your iPad and yes, it’s waterproof.

Available in 1 color : Black/ Clear

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